Start date: January 2019


The main objective of the F-COMP project is to provide the aerospace industry with lighter, stronger, better-integrated parts with embedded resources such as the ability to measure the stress and deformation of certain parts in real time. In order to achieve this goal, the F-COMP project will combine technological knowledge and experience in different fields such as composite materials, precision machining, 3D printing and flexible electronic printing.

The F-COMP project focuses on applying this type of solutions in the aerospace industry, but the progress achieved will also allow these solutions be applied to other sectors such as the automotive industry, in the short term. This means that lightweightness is going to be one of the most important features so that the electric vehicles gain in autonomy and efficiency.

Moreover, this project also aims to disseminate the leading resources of the Euroregion as a provider of advanced manufacturing solutions. The Euroregion Nouvelle-Aquitaine Euskadi Navarra promotes the project. It is a region that thanks to the technological effort it has made, the close cooperation of its entities and their complementarity, can cover the entire value chain in one place.

In addition to NAITEC, the project partners are Navarre-based company, Microlan, the Institute of Advanced Industrial Technologies (ESTIA) in Bayonne, France, and the HEGAN – Basque Aerospace Cluster.

The project has a grant of EUR 71,452.50 and draws on the previous and complementary experience that the three Euroregions have regarding the entire value chain of the aerospace industry.


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