1. Digital Technologies

Cybersecurity for IoT solutions, for industrial and mobility environments, data analysis and computer vision solutions for the improvement of industrial processes.

2. Smart System

Implementation of systems with sensors for data capture and intelligent manufacturing control. Sensor control for obstacle detection and calculation of alternative paths. Development of automotive ECUs and critical security software.
3.Pol°meros Funcionales y Composites_ Pol°mero

3. Functional polymers and composites

Development of new polymeric materials and composites with new or improved functionalities using additives. Development of functional paints and coatings. Development, characterization and validation of inks and pastes for different functionalities and printing technologies.
4.Fabricaci¢n Aditiva y nanofabricaci¢n_Sala nano o sala blanca

4. 3D printing and nanomanufacturing

Development of materials for functional inkjet printing and screen-printing, as well as materials for 3D printing technologies such as FDM, SLA and Powerbed. Micro and nanostructuring of surfaces of various materials (silicon, glass, metals, plastics,…) to obtain functional surfaces with advanced properties.

5. Printing manufacturing

Incorporation of new resources to existing products and development of new devices using printing technologies to increase their added value: printed and hybrid electronics, advanced sensors on rigid and flexible materials, smart packaging, functional coatings, etc.

6. Advanced materials solutions

Advice on materials, metals and polymers, for the development of new products, parts and components, aimed at the replacement of materials, weight reduction, improved behaviour and durability.
7.Ensayos y validacion de componentes_329

7. Component testing and validation

Analysis of the durability of components under structural, weather and noise and vibration conditions, through validation in test benches, for different industrial sectors, in compliance with the particular regulations established for such purpose.
8.EMC y Seguridad ElEctrica (SE)_Camara EMC

8. EMC and Electrical Safety

Standard electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety testing for the issuance of the CE marking.

9. Sensorics

Design and implementation of new electrochemical and optical sensors for the detection of compounds in different industrial applications, such as the agrifood industry (allergens, sulphites, microorganisms …), biomedicine (disease markers, sports activity monitoring), the environment (heavy metals, pesticides, toxins), etc.

10. Product and process engineering

Product and process design and development, both in mechanics and electronics, from design to robust and reliable validation of the functional prototype ready for manufacturing.