Components and Mechanical Systems

At NAITEC, we deliver complete solutions for conducting characterization and durability tests on components and mechanical systems, by reducing costs and development time, covering the entire test cycle:

-Analysis of the component behaviour in service by means of the appropriate instrumentation.

-Configuration of test benches adapted to each component and customer specification.

-Reproduction of service loads and adverse conditions.

-Analysis of failure modes and assessment of results.

-Advice and suggestions for improvement, if applicable.

It is worth highlighting the following tests we develop:

Structural Tests

  • Multi-axial tests for durability and fatigue
  • Characterization tests of operating curves
  • Static and dynamic characterization tests
  • Drive-train dynamometric tests: power train, gearboxes, shafts, drive axles…
  • Dynamometric tests on brakes: discs, callipers, lining…
  • Combined tests: flexion-rotary

NVH testing

Noises, Vibration and Harshness
  • Theoretical and theoretical-experimental modal analysis
  • Operational modal analysis
  • Vibration resistance: sinusoidal, random, “shock”, temporary signals…
  • Acquisition and treatment of vibratory and acoustic signals

Environmental Tests

  • Combined environmental tests for temperature and humidity
  • Environmental tests with external action: pressure pulses, uniaxial loads, displacements, etc.
We have test laboratories fitted with ultra-modern equipment to carry out a wide range of tests, in which we are able to develop numerous test settings with single or multiple axial load applications.