Mobility companies have always strived for the safety and comfort of their products. Furthermore, they now also aim to make sustainable products.

At NAITEC, we deliver sustainable and intelligent mobility solutions towards safer, more comfortable and environmentally friendly mobility.

We specialize in:

Mobility manager: Nere Garmendia
Market manager: Sergio Alonso

Autonomous and connected vehicle

Component manufacturers have to evolve and adapt to new mobility concepts to provide their customers with products that meet their needs.

To aid component manufacturers overcome this challenge, we offer the following solutions:

  • Assisted systems
  • Connectivity

Sustainable mobility

One of the great challenges of the mobility market is to make more efficient and sustainable products whilst creating more energy efficient autonomous vehicles (AV). Thus, we work to solve the following challenges:

  • Energy efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Printed electronics and advanced manufacturing

NAITEC has been working for the mobility market since 2003. Since then we have accumulated experience, knowledge and equipment that, together with our new multidisciplinary approach, allows us to address the new challenges facing this sector.


1. ARIN // 2. AURBELEC // 3. HADVAP // 4. IMCE // 5. NaTest // 6. New tools for product development // 7. NUREAC // 8. SOFIA // 9. SOIVE // 10. VELETA // 11. iMOV3D //12. VAIVEC


1. Functional printing plant // 2. Driving simulator // 3. Nanomanufacturing laboratory // 4. CE marking laboratory for electronic products


1. Smart systems // 2. Product and process engineering // 3. 3D Printing // 4. Functional polymers and composites // 5. Printing manufacturing