Electronic product testing and validation

Any product that is marketed in the European Union must bear the CE Marking. The CE Marking on an electrical or electronic product means that its manufacturer or failing that, who introduces such a product to the market, ensures that it complies with the applicable regulations.
At NAITEC, we offer advice and tests on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electrical Safety (ES) and Environmental Tests for the certification of products in the field of industrial and consumer electronics, which facilitate the self-certification process of companies that is required for their CE Marking:

  • Advice on Directives and Standards
  • Advice throughout the electronic product development cycle to ensure finished product compliance
  • Testing plan:
    • Verification testing in prototypes (pre-certification): design process completed. NAITEC suggests custom pre-certification tests based on the equipment features and applicable standards.
    • Finished product testing
      • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Tests
      • Electrical Safety (ES) Tests
      • Environmental tests
    • Diagnosis and solutions to EMC and ES problems.
    • Testing certificate. Testing report accredited by ENAC (National Accreditation Entity).

At NAITEC, in addition to our ENAC accredited laboratories that assist companies in their self-certification process for the CE marking, we have a large team with extensive experience in developing electronic products for a wide range of sectors and products.