NAITEC’s Management publishes its commitment to follow the following guidelines in the exercise of its Mission:

Respect for people: Respect and show empathy towards all people in every situation. Do not allow disrespect or hostilities, transmitting non-tolerance to such behaviors.

Business orientation: Preserve knowledge of the Center. Seek the satisfaction and loyalty of customer and allies. Always be alert to identify new business opportunities and new customer needs. Encourage the establishment of alliances and collaborations that help us develop our activities.

Orientation to stakeholders: To try to satisfy their needs and expectations.

Excellence: Permanent search for continuous improvement in everything done as a form of growth for the Center and its members. Evaluate their results in terms of sustainability and social responsibility.

Efficacy, rigor and professionalism: generate in the NAITEC team the ambition to meet, always, the established objectives. Maintain in each project the seriousness and strict observation of the principles applicable to a good result.

Confidentiality: establish and develop what is necessary to ensure the levels of confidentiality required at all times.

Impartiality: Identify and review possible conflicts of interest to establish actions that eliminate the risk of bias.

Assessment of risks and opportunities: identify, evaluate and monitor the risks and opportunities that may arise in the development of the activity to, on the one hand, establish those necessary preventive actions that eliminate or minimize said risks and, on the other hand, establish those improvement actions necessary to take advantage of the opportunities identified.

Teamwork: promote teamwork.

Team Leadership of “Formulating and Deploying the Strategy” as an example of NAITEC Values.

Leadership of key positions: create and maintain an internal environment whereby our staff is fully involved in achieving the Center’s objectives. Work to maintain in the NAITEC team a permanent desire to explore, investigate, learn, change, improve and generate new ideas or concepts that produce original solutions.

Key competencies: develop the competencies required for proper performance. Train and inform all the people who make up NAITEC, with special attention to communication, integration, proactive participation, involvement, responsibility and training.

Organizational Structure: responds to the NAITEC Policy and Strategy. Reviewed annually to ensure its adequacy.

Resources: provide the necessary resources to achieve the established objectives according to the prevention of occupational risks and the care and improvement of the environment.

Environment: understand, anticipate and adapt to changes in the environment. To Make continuous surveillance to achieve this.

Management system approach: Comply with UNE-EN ISO 9001, UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17025, ISO 45001, UNE-EN ISO 14001, UNE-EN ISO / IEC 27001, UNE-ISO 21500, UNE 10601 and UNE -ISO 37001 and other regulations / guidelines for voluntary assumption.

Process-based: Review annually the processes, procedures and working methods, to ensure their alignment with the Mission and Vision of NAITEC.

Design / review of the process control panel using those data that provide the necessary information to ensure compliance with the annual Management Plan and, consequently, the Center’s Strategic Plan.

Agile decision-making based on facts and data.

Compliance with the NAITEC Code of Ethics based on Criminal Compliance Management Systems (UNE 10601) and Anti-Bribery (UNE-ISO 37001). Compliance by the members of NAITEC and all those who work with us. Compliance with current regulations on occupational health and safety, in addition to all that may be applicable to us.

Regarding the environment, compliance with the legal requirements that are applicable to us and those that we subscribe in relation to our environmental aspects. Likewise, active involvement in the prevention of contamination.

Gender equality: Promote and defend gender equality in our way of acting to avoid any type of discrimination based on gender conditions.

Suppliers and subcontractors: require them to apply the quality, safety and health, ethical and environmental standards equivalent to those of NAITEC.

NAITEC Management agrees that the established POLICY:

• It is adequate to achieve the objectives of the organization

• It is oriented towards the satisfaction of all stakeholders and towards continuous improvement

• Provides a framework for establishing and reviewing established goals and objectives

• It is periodically reviewed for continuous adaptation

• It is communicated and understood by all levels of the organization; likewise, it is communicated to all the people who work on our behalf

• It is available to the public (customers, suppliers, institutions, society, etc …)