Currently, the industrial sector is undergoing a profound technological change that will lead to new products and manufacturing processes, by equipping them with artificial intelligence (AI), greater automation and connectivity, sensorization and embedded technologies. The digital transformation of the industry is accompanied by important challenges that shall be addressed from a holistic marketing strategy.

At NAITEC, we have been honing our skills since 1989, and thanks to our multidisciplinary teams and our ability to embed technologies, we deliver complete solutions aimed at building the factories and products of the future.

We have the expertise and equipment that allow us to deliver solutions according to new market demands and accompany companies towards the development of their products or mechatronic processes.

Smart Mechatronic Product:

As products become more complex, they are capable of performing more functions than originally designed, by making intelligent decisions with enhanced interconnectivity. In order to meet this need, we provide:

‘IoT’ detection solutions with embedded AI: By incorporating connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), embedded systems (HW + SW) and personalized sensors, we deliver solutions to meet the needs of IoT devices for the detection of specific features of corporate products or processes.

Smart optimization: by making use of product design, development and validation methodologies, AI predictive analytics, structural and fluid-thermal simulation, and material characterization, we provide product optimization from an electronic, mechanical, and material point of view.

Printed electronics: Starting with the formulation of commercial inks or in-house developed inks, we can design and manufacture capacitive keyboards, resistive heaters or TTI (time-temperature indicators) applied to difficult or special materials (textiles, ceramics, paper, polymers).

Advanced materials. Functional coatings:  our broad expertise in materials development allows us to formulate new coatings, identify others or improve customer available products with minimal changes in their industrial process, selecting the most appropriate additives. We can validate the development of new materials from a laboratory scale to the pilot plant.

Digital transformation of industrial processes

The factories of the future will be smart and connected. Industry 4.0 is already a reality that more and more companies are applying to their manufacturing plants. In order to contribute to this progress, NAITEC offers the following industry solutions:

AI prediction: by using simulation tools (digital twins) and AI predictive analytics, and matching our experience in process sensorization, we can digitize and optimize industrial processes with the ultimate goals of improving the finishing quality of manufactured products, improving their energy efficiency, or predicting the changes that the product will undergo when the operating conditions of the process change.

Functional printing: Thanks to our ultra-modern equipment in terms of printing technologies (pilot plant and LIFT technology), we provide companies with support in their new processes, which make it possible to simplify and reduce manufacturing costs. We advise companies in the development of inks and coatings to be applied, both with traditional printing technologies (rotogravure, flexography, R2R Flatbed Screen Press), and with state-of-the-art technologies (inkjet, LIFT, NIL-R2R).

Internal logistics: Based on our extensive knowledge in communications and IIoT, NAITEC can offer companies the ability to select and determine the best geolocation technology so that they can trace their assets within production plants (personnel, raw materials, by-products, end product).

Thanks to our outsourced partnerships (process engineering), we can deliver global solutions for the deployment of internal logistics technology to our customers, ensuring a complete implementation of the solution.


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Enabling Technologies

IoT Connectivity // Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics // Process Integration // Digital Twins / Simulation // 3D Printing / Digital // Cybersecurity

Our areas of expertise

Digital Technologies // Smart Systems // Functional polymers and composites // 3D Printing and Nano-manufacturing // Advanced solutions in materials // Testing and validation of components // EMC and Electrical Safety // Sensorics // Product and Process Engineering