Start date: 1 April 1, 2018
End date: November 30, 2020


The overall objective of the project is to deliver a comprehensive solution towards advanced technologies for the management of the renewable energy generated and its subsequent distribution into the network, through storage. Thus, the ceiling of renewable energies in the generation mix will be increased thanks to the use of accumulated renewable energy through the research and development of storage technologies, as well as Blockchain technologies that manage to ensure and certify transactions of this type of energy.

Therefore, four sub-projects have been proposed, where significant technological advances in the sector will be developed on four scales: component (second-life batteries and smart metres), new wind farm design, distributed management and Blockchain marketing platform.

Main objective:

An experimental development project aimed at eliminating technological barriers that prevent the large-scale use of renewable energy storage in an electrochemical way.

NAITEC’s Goal:

NAITEC participates in the A4: Development of second life cycle battery packs work package. Specifically, NAITEC’s task in this work package is to design a BMS (Battery Management System) for second-life batteries provided by BeePlanet.

The BMS function is to extend the life of these batteries and ensure their safe use.

Therefore, BMS performs a control of the voltages and temperatures of all the cells that make up the battery pack. In addition, it controls battery charging and discharging currents and communicates with the charger/inverter to configure control parameters and send alarms. Conversely, BMS calculates the state of health (SoH) and the state of charge (SoC) of the battery, which allows optimizing the use of the batteries and increasing their lifespan. The BMS designed by NAITEC also incorporates NBIoT/LTE-M wireless communications that allow remote BMS control.

Furthermore, the BMS design has been carried out, by taking into account the functional safety standards defined in the product application regulations.

NAITEC’s work has been performed in close collaboration with BeePlanet. The BMS specifications have been defined in conjunction with BeePlanet to adapt it to second life batteries.

-What will be developed:

As for package 4, in which NAITEC participates, a study of vehicle traction batteries will be conducted with the aim of creating an aging model to predict the useful life. The BMS design and manufacture will be performed to optimize the use of these second-life batteries. Finally, three demonstrators will be developed integrating multiple batteries with different capacities: self-consumption (3-10kWh), Micro-grid (10-35kWh) and renewable generation.

Project financed by the Government of Navarre as a Strategic Project of the 2018 request for tender. In accordance with the «AERO Challenge».