Pilot printing plant

  • Roll-to-roll Edale Lamba plant for flexible substrates with thicknesses between 12 and 700 microns. Webpath width 330mm.
  • VETAPHONE corona treatment equipment
  • Lamination equipment of own development
  • STORK rotary screen printing unit
  • EDALE flexo-printing unit
  • RK engraved gap printing unit
  • Convection, IR and UV curing units.
  • Chambered doctor blade TRESU.

Printing manufacturing laboratory

Chemical lab

  • Ball pressure apparatus
  • MYR rotational viscometer with low volume adapter
  • Thermostabilized with measurement range 15-240,000 cPs.
  • SELECTA NR-151 refractometer
  • NOVO GLOSS NG-75 Glossmeter
  • Heidolph rotational stirrer

Small-scale printing laboratory

  • IGT laboratory scale offset printing equipment
  • Manual screen printing equipment
  • RK K-LOX laboratory scale flexographic printing equipment
  • Multi-head inkjet printing platform
  • BINDER ED-53 natural ventilation stove 25ºC-300ºC
  • Manual extension bars: 4,6,15,25,50 and 100 microns
  • UV drying equipment.

Product validation laboratory

  • Xrite and Gretag-Macbeth Portable Colorimeters
  • Xrite fixed sphere spectrophotometer
  • Test bench and electronic validation
  • Visual monitoring bench for flat samples with controlled temperature
  • Grid cutting adherence test equipment
  • Colour comparison chamber