Start date: December 1, 2018
End date: November 30, 2019


ARIN Project’s main objective has been the development of smart solutions to improve functional and safety features in new personal mobility vehicles.

The purpose of this project, promoted by the Government of Navarre, was to focus NAITEC horizontal knowledge on sustainable mobility and mechatronics areas.

All this in order to implement new sustainable mobility solutions in urban environments, based on the development of safe personal micro mobility vehicles.

Therefore, we want to promote the development of applications and uses related to urban mobility solutions that ensure their future implementation through pilot projects or demos.

In this phase of the project, our team has focused on developing an intelligent brake system by developing precise virtual models that describe the dynamic behaviour of the global skate-user system in real operational conditions. In addition, advanced materials and manufacturing processes have been developed, which provide additional resources, by enhancing the modularity and customization of components.

The technical developments of the project have been focused on specific objectives for its application according to the existing needs of the industry.

The Government of Navarre funded this project through requests for tender to technology centres and research and knowledge transfer organizations for conducting R&D projects.