IMCE: In-Mould Capacitive Electronics 

Start date: January 1, 2019
End date: December 31,2020


The main objective of the project is the design and development of a new technology of in-mould electronics (IME) that will allow the creation of a new generation of functional capacitive surfaces of complex 3D geometry, with full electromagnetic compatibility and low cost.

In-mould electronics technology shall be one of the greatest technological revolutions applicable to many sectors, having aroused the interest of highly relevant sectors, such as the automotive sector, capital goods or household appliances.

NAITEC goals:

Regarding this project, NAITEC will participate in the development of materials as well as specific devices and software.

NAITEC shall develop the following items:

  • Conductive thermoformable ink (CTI): the development strategy will focus on developing a more flexible dispersing medium, which ensures the connectivity of the conductive particles, while the material yields to stretching.
  • Thermoformable welding ink (TWI): the strategy will be similar to the previous one. Its specificity will lie in the behaviour of the bonding agent against surface mount components (SMD). The properties of the electrical contacts of the components will be taken into account to improve the adhesion and reflux (wettability) of the material during drying.
  • Development of capacitive sensors with applications in the automotive and household appliances sector with improved characteristics regarding EMC behaviour
  • Design software that will automate and reduce pre-printing time. It will analyse the 2D design and compare it with the 3D topography map associated with the product (the thermoforming mould), generating a deformation map that will feed the redesign algorithm. A tool will allow you to meet design specifications by using your own algorithm.

-Objective of our partners:

EMBEGA and NAITEC will work together on the development of the new IMCE technology, each contributing their expertise, either in the development of the base materials, as well as in their transformation towards the finished product. This will allow both to be at the forefront of technology, with a very positive impact on both of them and on Navarre’s position in the development of advanced manufacturing.


This project is conducted in collaboration with EMBEGA, as per the request for tender for R&D transfer by the Government of Navarre, the funding entity.