Start date: February 1, 2020
End date: November 30, 2020


The main objective of the iMOV3D initiative is the creation of a network of excellence, focused on the Cervera Intelligent Transport Technology Area, towards the development of advanced urban air mobility technologies and features aimed at the paradigm shift faced by transportation infrastructure systems today.

In the last decades, urban populations have grown exponentially, and that is expected to continue in the coming years. This growth has led to increasing pressure on our mobility infrastructure, requiring a change of scenery that involves designing cities with all three dimensions, not a floor plan as it has been until now. Urban Air Mobility will allow a paradigm shift in intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

The iMOV3D team consists of four consolidated centres that together present the research capabilities required to face the technological challenges posed by this new means of transportation.

  • Research ability in safe unmanned aerial vehicle systems. One of these main challenges lies in the vehicle autonomy, which enables unmanned flights and is therefore able to scale the solution exponentially, by also increasing the level of safety for this type of operation, which must occur at reduced distances from obstacles. This team has broad expertise in developing high-precision aerial navigation algorithms, designing new sensors for extended range detection and real-time collision avoidance algorithms, smart and safe landing, and creating new intrinsically safe aircraft concepts.
  • Research ability in automated and digital systems for safe airspace integration. Another challenge posed by this new type of mobility is safe airspace integration. Therefore, it is essential to develop more advanced air-traffic control management tools than existing ones. The team has broad expertise in sensor fusion and tracking, tactical conflict detection and resolution, coordinated trajectory planning and separation management.
  • Research ability in smart cooperative systems. The last challenge posed is the incorporation of these new mobility vehicles into the SmartCity ecosystem. The team’s expertise will be employed in highly integrated intelligent avionics systems, new interfaces for remote control of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicles and 5G communications and security.

These research abilities cover the entire value chain required to contribute to the development of new urban air mobility and intelligent transport paradigms based on unmanned aerial vehicle systems.

Due to the successful pursuit of this project, FADA-CATEC, ITG, NAITEC technology centres and the AICIA research support technology centre have been distinguished as “Cervera Centre of Excellence” in relation to Intelligent Transportation Systems. The IMOV3D team received an incentive for the NEW TECHNOLOGIES PROGRAM FOR INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS BASED ON URBAN AIR MOBILITY (IMOV3D) (File: CER-20191007) by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) under the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

NAITEC’S role:

NAITEC participates in iMov3D as an expert in:

Integration of multiple sensors and devices for lightweight applications,

Generation of algorithms for safe positioning and navigation,


Machine Learning.


The aforementioned projects will be pursued through the development of sensor technology in order to create fully autonomous drones, allowing for conflict resolution and maximum use of airspace. Various types of sensors will be included depending on the flight mode, as well as means of communication between vehicles and on the ground, even in remote or difficult to access conditions (5G, SmartCity, Satellite).

As for this last aspect, regarding the design and manufacture of antennas, NAITEC has the collaboration of the UPNA (Public University of Navarre) and the NTC (Nanophotonics Technology Centre) for specialized training sessions of its researchers.

Finally, in order to secure the operation, algorithms will be implemented for safe data management and interpretation. Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning strategies will be included to allow optimization.

Contact person

Aingeru Barrio, gestor de proyectos de Movilidad en NAITEC


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Request for tender: Accreditation and granting of incentive to Cervera Technology Centres of Excellence


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