Start date: June 1, 2019
End date: November 30, 2021


The main objective of the project is the development of a prototype of a connected, automated electric vehicle (zero emissions), covering long-distances, for the transport of people through private areas that carry out predetermined routes within the facility.

Thus,  NAITEC goals are:

  • Development of an in-wheel electric motor, together with Permagsa
  • Development of embedded electronics to control the electric motor.
  • Development of efficient and competitive motor structure and refrigeration systems.

The other partners are:

  • Tecna: the project leader in charge of the general development of the entire vehicle. It integrates the full vehicle platform
  • I3code and UPNA collaborate in the development of the automated driving system and data management in the cloud.
  • Permagsa: collaborates in the development of the motor, as a specialist in electric motors


-Our goal

As aforementioned in the objectives, the project ends with the demonstration on vehicle (truck) of the autonomous driving and motor capabilities.

-What will be developed

NAITEC is developing an in-wheel electric motor system. This involves the entire electronic design of the motor control, and the mechanical and thermal design of the motor. Permagsa is in charge of its electromagnetic design, also contributing with its product-oriented manufacturing expertise.

The Government of Navarre is funding this project.


Project partners: